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Flight Medicine Physician: Education Division — Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

USAF School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) Aerospace Medicine Education Division ·(FEE)

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: 22 Aug l7 - 21 Aug 18
Option Year I - 22 Aug 18 - 21 Aug 19
Option Year 2 - 22 Aug 19 - 6 Jul 20

The United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) provides Aerospace Medicine Training, Education, and Consultation to Enhance Warfighter · Performance and Combat Casualty Care for World Wide Operations in Garrison and War. USAFSAM is the center for aeromedical education, training, and consultation in direct support of USAF, Department Of Defense (DoD),and in operations. USAF SAM provides peacetime and contingency support in hyperbaric, human performance, clinical and environmental health, expeditionary medical support, and aeromedical evacuation.

This effort includes tasks and activities to be performed by the contractor in support of USAFSAM Aerospace Medicine Education Division. The contractor will provide a professionally and technically qualified individual to perform the tasks outlined in the following paragraphs to fulfill the requirements of this task order.


  • Possesses a doctor of medicine degree or a doctor of osteopathy degree from an approved school of medicine or osteopathy.

  • Possess current, unrestricted license to practice Medicine

  • Board certification in a specialty from the American Board of Preventive Medicine is desired.

  • Familiarity with the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is desired.

  • Residency training in Aerospace Medicine is desired.

  • The contractor shall have the following qualifications/experience:

  • Shall have five years' experience in Aerospace Medicine, working primarily in the outpatient settings. Experience working primarily in the outpatient settings within the past three years is desired.

  • Shall be proficient in providing preventive medicine services including comprehensive aerospace medicine and occupational medicine. These services include primary care management of common adult illness and injuries, health risk counseling, pre-placement exams, and fitness for duty examinations.

  • Qualifications as private pilot and as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) with the Federal Aviation Ad.ministration is desired.

  • An understanding of the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM) initiatives, Air Force Security Assistance Training (AFSAT) policies, and Security Cooperation directives associated with International Military Education Training (IMET) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS), student funding limitations is desirable. Experience with International physician training programs and a strong understanding of cultural competencies, sensitivities and customs are desired. Prior training or practicing medicine abroad is desired.

  • The contractor shall be willing lo learn and manage training platform/programs adopted by USAFSAM in effort lo maximize education delivery for sources they help to support. The contractor shall be proficient, or must be willing to become proficient in USAF medical systems including: the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA), the Aeromedical Services Information Management System (ASIMS), the Automated Data System (ADS), the Aeromedical Information

  • Management Waiver Tracking System (AIMWTS), the Physical Examination Processing

  • Program (PEPP), Transportation Connnand (TRANSSCOM) Regulating and Command

  • & Control System (TRAC2ES), Theater Medical Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J), FAA MedXpress system. Defense Travel System (DTS) and the Security Assistance Network (SAN Web).

  • The contractor shall provide adequate evidence of instructor training to fulfill Education Department requirement or shall obtain USAFSAM Instructor teaching credentials in no less than 4 months after start.


Provide aerospace medical support and assistance necessary to aid in mission accomplishment.

Assist the Chief of the Aerospace Medicine Education Division (FEE) to coordinate and conduct the activities of the courses of the Aerospace Medicine Education Branch (FEEE) serving as consultant and subject manner expert.

Assist Program Directors of the respective Graduate Medical Education (GME) Residency programs (FEEG) in coordinating the activities of the residency programs. Serve as clinical, preceptor, evaluator, educator, mentor, and coordinator. Perform administrative functions and document medical records in support of the residencies.

Assist the Chief of the International Training Branch (FEEi) in coordination of the activities of the USAFSAM international students. Serve as clinical preceptor, evaluator, educator, mentor, and coordinator. Perform administrative functions and document medical records in support of the international students. Shall assist the International Military Student Officer (l!v!SO) to ensure IMS education/support/travel. Shall instruct IMS in courses supporting the USAFSAM curriculum.

Assist the Chief of the Aerospace Medicine Consultation Division (FEC) to coordinate and conduct clinical medical support and patient evaluation for the Medical Flight Screening process.

Assist the Chief of the Aerospace Physiology Branch (FEP) to include medical screening and medical monitoring of centrifuge subjects and students for normal and emergency operations. Shall assist training to enhance pilot performance in the rapid-onset high G environment to improve capability for Combat Air Forces aircrew centrifuge training.

Perform medical briefings and educational training including: All courses taught by the FE Department to include Residency in Aerospace Medicine lectures, Aerospace Medicine Primary Courses (multiple aeromedical topics), Advanced Aerospace Medicine for International Medical Officers lectures, Aviation Mishap Investigation & Prevention lectures.

Serve as a Health Care Provider (HCP) to provide services as a physician providing patient care and consultation at Wright-Patterson AFB and document all patient records in a timely manner.

All services shall be provided in accordance with established standards, principles and ethics of the profession and applicable professional specialty organizations, Joint Commission Standards, Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care, applicable Department of Defense (DoD), military specific regulations, directives and policies and MTF specific policies and procedures.

The contractor shall manage and complete administrative functions required for development and execution of course curriculum.

The contractor shall obtain a government driving license to operate government vehicles to include a 15-passenger van.

The contractor shall be provided office space, computer and office equipment (including PC) and office supplies as needed. AJI software and hardware, passwords/access to military lntemet/E-mail and applicable database will be available within the scope of the contract. The contractor shall comply with local, AF and DoD policies.

Work will be accomplished primarily at USAFSAM/FE, Building 840, Area B, Wright• Patterson, AFB. OH 45433. Temporary alternate work locations may be assigned as circumstances dictates by the Contracting Officer Representative.

Work schedule is normally M-F 0730-1630; however there may be times when it is necessary for the contractor to work outside duty hours in support of specific taskings. Although schedule may have to be flexible, it will not exceed 40 hours per week. The work schedule may include weekend work.

The contractor will not start performance on site until credentialing and privileging with the 88"' MTF is finalized. Information Regarding Non-US Citizens Assigned to this effort -

(a) Contractor employees requiring access to USAF bases, AFRL facilities, and/or access to U.S. Govenunent Information Technology (IT) networks in connection with the work on this contract must be U.S. citizens. For the purpose of base and network access, possession of a permanent resident card ("Green Card") does not equate to U.S. citizenship. This requirement does not apply to foreign nationals approved by the U.S. Department of Defense or U.S. State Department under international personnel exchange agreements with foreign governments. Any waivers to this requirement must be granted in writing by the Contracting Officer prior to providing access. The above requirements are in addition to any other contract requirements related to obtaining a Common Access Card (CA.C).
(b) For purposes of paragraph (a) above, if an IT network/system does not require AFRL to endorse a contractor's application in order to gain access. the organization operating the IT network/system is responsible for controlling access to its system. If an IT network/system requires a U.S. Government sponsor to endorse the application in order for access to the IT network/system; AFRL will only endorse the following types of applications; consistent with the requirements above:
(1) Contractor employees who are U.S. citizens performing work under this contract.
(2) Contractor employees who are non-U.S. citizens and who have been granted a waiver.

Any additional access restrictions established by the IT network/system owner apply.

Contractor will be required to travel when authorized to participate in USAFSAM, FEE, and customer business line related meetings and conferences to fulfill respective mission goals. Such travel will only be as directed and coordinated through the COR and/or Contracting Officer within thirty days in advance of all contractor travel in order to obtain proper authorizations. The specific travel locations, duration, and number of trips, will be upon direction of the Contracting Officer and/or Contracting Officer Representative without modification to the task order, as long as adequate travel funding is available in accordance with the resulting task order. Contractor shall bill the government as reimbursable expense in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) applicable for the appropriate geographical area for non-local travel costs incurred as a result ofa request by the government to execute the task requirements. When travel is identified, the contractor shall provide an estimate of all travel costs by location, broken out by item, to the Program Manager and COR for review prior to travel

Position of Trust, All contractor personnel require a minimum ofa National Agency Check with written Inquires (NAC1)/SF85 for any position that requires access to the internet, use of automated systems or unescorted entry into restricted or controlled areas prior to reporting for duty in support of any task order. TI1e investigation is not for a security clearance: it is for a position of trust TI1is is a mandatory requirement set forth in DoD 5200.1-R, Personnel Security Program, and AF! 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management. All documentation required for security certification shall be the responsibility of the contractor. No foreign nationals shall be employed for any task order issued under this contract without prior approval of the Government.

Operations Security (OPSEC). The contractor shall provide OPSEC protection for all sensitive/critical information as defined by AFl 10-70 I (Operations Security), the 711 HPW OPSEC Plan, and critical information list. TI1e contractor shall participate in the 711 HPW sustained OPSEC awareness training or include OP SEC training as part of their on-going security program. The 711 HPW OPSEC coordinator will evaluate the OPSEC posture of AF contract activities and operations.

Information Security and Force Protection. The contractor shall provide Information Security and Force Protection training as defined by AF! 31-40 I (Information Security Program Management) and AF! 10-245 (Air Force Antiterrorism Standards). The contractor shall participate in the 711 HPW sustained Information Security and Force Protection/Anti-terrorism training or include this training as part of their on-going security program. The 711 HPW Security Manager will evaluate the training posture of AF contract activities and operations. This requirement is set forth in AF! 31-401, AF! 10-245 and applicable AFMC and local supplements.

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