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Human Factors Engineering

Argent Technologies boasts two of the most experienced human factors engineers available today, one with over 20 years experience doing research and conducting experiments in human factors for the USAF, government contractors and various DOD agencies. With our experience and connectivity in this field we have the in-house ability to perform experimental design, develop test protocols or to do complete turnkey research projects in human factors topics.

  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Human Systems Integration
  • Cockpit Design and Pilot/Operational Vehicle Interface

AT, LLC has experience in hyperbaric studies, motion sickness, spatial disorientation, visual displays and optics, head up displays, cockpit design and Pilot Vehicle Interface, just to name a few.

(Left) Caloric stimulation to induce/test vertigo and visual nystagmus (Right) Use of Bárány chair to stimulate motif sickness and measure visual nystagmus

Optokinetic Drum device used to induce motion sickness through visual stimulation for study of motion sickness causes and development of treatment protocols

Human rated centrifuge designed to test human performance during acceleration



Zero G flight aircraft uses parabolic maneuvers to test the effects of micro-gravity on human physiology and expose aerospace travelers and adventure seekers to the zero -0/micro-gravity environment.

All current AT team members participated in the development, testing, production and marketing effort for the AdviTech, Inc "user worn see-through display” to control spatial disorientation and motion sickness. Efforts are on-going to advance and field this technology in the medical, consumer and USG defense and law enforcement markets.

See through display monocle — can be mounted to helmet for use in high performance aircraft or removed and placed on headsets for use in the shirt sleeve flight and terrestrial environments.