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Human Protection Technology

Established innovations in human protection technology.

  • Military Troop Protection Devices
  • Law Enforcement Protection Devices
  • Sports and Recreation Protection Devices

Partners with Argent Technologies, have developed proprietary specially shaped pads and sandwich cloths featuring nano technologies and high density polyethylene that greatly reduces the effects of impact injuries. A layer of this sandwich material underneath standard body armor would allow a soldier or law enforcement officer to receive a bullet impact and remain fully functional.

AT, LLC has assisted in subcomponent identification, location of engineering partners and business development for these products.

Broken bones, sports injury and traumatic brain injuries are greatly reduced with the use of body armor products.

Shoulder pads featuring body armor sandwich allows for hours of pain free sport shooting.

Studies show force of impact while wearing body armor products is greatly reduced and more evenly spread, resulting in far fewer bruises and injuries.

Sports protection devices featuring the use of body armor sandwich materials