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  • Occupational Health Program Administrative Support — NASA

    OCHMO, Kennedy Space Center, FL

    Argent Technologies is seeking a cadidate for Occupational Health Program Administrative Support in the Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer (OCHMO) at John F Kennedy Space Center, FL.


    • Reviewing agency website pages to ensure functionality, user-friendliness, quality of content, and resolving or arranging to have resolved critical issues affecting website configuration

    • Serving as a key Web site developer for utilizing NASA content management systems and other web applications

    • Ensuring websites are in conformance with requirements mandated by the Government, relative to format, accessibility, content, security, and confidentiality.

    • Supporting OCHMO medical informatics and adjusting the functional and operational aspects of data migration, network architecture and security configurations of the agency electronic health record system

    • Preparing, coordinating, training, and implementing electronic heath record system software upgrades, new modules and/or relevant updates

    • Electronic health record system data mining to add/remove data field linkages and or descriptions, ensuring applicable data is transferred from external interconnections

    • Working with the agency director of informatics and other agency regional locations to coordinate electronic health record system activities

    • Maintaining a help desk for the NASA-developed portions of the electronic health record system

    Occupational health technical support including:
    • Reviewing and implementing Agencywide occupational health policies

    • Serving on team that conducts onsite occupational health reviews at NASA regional locations four to five times per year where occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, health physics, electronic health record system functions, fitness/wellness programs, and employee assistance programs are evaluated

    • Assisting in development of occupational health initiatives, programs, and policy drafts

    • Reviewing/recommending radiation protection program criteria, activities, policies, standards and direction for all health physics aspects of radiation producing materials, articles, and devices.

    • Providing expertise to assess, support, and help develop policies for all health physics aspects of occupational health on NASA property or NASA off-property operations (e.g., review policies and procedures, appraise programs, recommend methods for the elimination or control of environmental health hazards at NASA facilities across the U.S., and auditing and assessing a wide variety of health physics industrial, maintenance and research operations)

    • Providing expertise to assess, support, and help develop policies for all industrial hygiene aspects of occupational health on NASA property or NASA off-property operations (e.g., reviewing policies and procedures, appraising programs, and recommending methods for the elimination or control of environmental health hazards at NASA facilities across the United States, and auditing and assessing a wide variety of industrial hygiene related maintenance and research operations).

    • Monitoring and researching emerging health care concerns that may impact the health and well-being of the Agency’s workforce (including employees temporarily stationed in foreign countries and employees on foreign business travel or planning on foreign business travel)

    • Providing technical expertise and advice relative to occupational health issues and concerns subsequent to a manmade (e.g., radiological, chemical) or natural (e.g., hurricane, tornado, wildfire, flood, earthquake) disaster or emerging health-related/medical issue (e.g., infectious diseases, pandemics). Support includes conducting research, answering inquiries, and assisting with generating guidance for NASA relative to incidents potentially impacting the workforce in the United States or abroad

    • Occupational Health Program Administrative Support including providing professional occupational health personnel with expertise in team management/supervision, occupational medicine,industrial hygiene, health physics, physical fitness/wellness, internet technology, and electronic health record systems

    • Providing suggestions and recommendations for improving occupational health programs and policies by increasing efficiency and effectiveness

    • Arranging for professional speakers to present occupational health topics to technical personnel agency wide at regular intervals

    • Conducting an annual occupational health meeting three to four 8-hour days in duration. Agenda shall include plenary and breakout sessions with NASA and non-NASA speakers providing presentations to NASA occupational health professionals from all disciplines

    • Arranging and conducting an offsite triennial laser safety/radiation safety officer meeting, including developing an agenda, reserving non-NASA speakers, coordinating venue logistics, and assisting attendees and speakers while onsite during the meeting, Information technology support, including:

    • Leading software development projects including the analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation for new systems or enhancements

    Must possess Current, Full, Unrestricted Medicine License to practice in any U.S State, Territory or Commonwealth

    Argent Technologies staffs 62% of the Flight Medicine Physicians worldwide!

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