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Flight Surgeon - USAFSAM, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

Period of Performance: 30 Sept 2019- 6 July 2020
Option Year: 07 July 2020 - 6 January 2021



The USAF School of Aerospace Medicine provides aerospace medicine training, education and consultation to enhance warfighter performance and combat casualty care for worldwide operations in garrison and war. It is the center for aeromedical education, training, and consultation in direct support of USAF, DoD, and other operations. USAFSAM provides peacetime and contingency support in hyperbaric, human performance, clinical and environmental health, expeditionary medical support, and aeromedical evacuation.


This effort includes tasks and activities to be performed by the contractor in support of USAFSAM Aeromedical Consultation Service Division, Medical Flight Standards Branch (FECM). The contractor will provide a professionally and technically qualified individual to perform the tasks outlined in the following paragraphs to fulfill the requirements of this PWS.

This contract is a personal services contract (PSC) and is intended to create an employer- employee relationship between the Government and the contract physician. The performance of the individual contract physician under the PSC is subject to day- to-day supervision and control by Medical Flight Screening (MFS) Branch personnel comparable to that exercised over military and civil service health care providers (HCPs) engaged in comparable work. Any personal injury claims alleging negligence by the individual contract physician within the scope of his/her performance of the PSC shall be processed by DoD as claims alleging negligence by DoD military or civil service HCPs. The PSC does not create an employer-employee relationship between the Government and any corporation, partnership, business association or other party or legal entity with which the individual contract physician may be associated. Employee must hold a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy degree and maintain a Current, Full, Unrestricted Medicine License to practice in any U.S State, Territory or Commonwealth.


Work will be accomplished primarily at USAFSAM/FECM, Building 840, Area B, Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio. Clinical practice may also be performed in facilities that function under 88 MDG, and temporary alternate work locations may be assigned as circumstances dictate by the Contracting Officer Representative.

Work schedule is Mon-Fri 0700-1600 hrs with a one-hour lunch; however there may be times when it is necessary for the contractor to work before and/or after duty hours in support of specific tasking. Although schedule may have to be flexible, it will not exceed 40 hours per week per contract employee, with the exception of the dentist who will not exceed 8 hours per week.


The contractor will be required to travel when authorized to participate in USAFSAM, FECM, and customer business related meetings and conferences to fulfill respective mission goals. Such travel will only be as directed by the Contracting Officer and coordinated through the Company thirty days in advance of all travels. The specific travel locations, duration, and number of trips will be without modification to the task order, as long as adequate travel funding is available in accordance with the resulting task order. The Contractor shall adhere to the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) applicable for the appropriate geographical area for non-local travel costs incurred as a result of a request by the government to execute the task requirements.


Provide aeromedical professional support and assistance necessary to aid in mission accomplishment. (Personal Services)

Conduct medical examinations of personnel and make recommendations to determine fitness for flying duties in PEPP.

Conduct Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) examinations and submit documentation for appropriate certification.

Identify and order consultations required to support aeromedical recommendations for all FCI/MFS examinations.

Analyze and apply medical standards on all physical examinations utilizing the current Medical Standards Directory (MSD), AFI 48-123, USAF Aeromedical Waiver Guide, and other supporting resources as necessary.

Responsible for documenting and forwarding all medical examinations performed to the appropriate USAF certification and waiver authority.

Advises aeromedical staff on needed changes and improvement areas for accurate examination accomplishment IAW MSD, AFI 48-123, and USAF Aeromedical Waiver Guide requirements.

Submits waiver recommendations for medically disqualifying conditions in AIMWTS.

Reviews and makes recommendations on all lab and consultative evaluations performed.

Performs medical briefings and educational training including: Aerospace Medicine Primary Course (multiple aeromedical topics), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Residency in Aerospace Medicine (RAM) lectures, Advanced Aerospace Medicine for International Medical Officers (AAMIMO) lectures, Aviation Mishap Investigation and Prevention (AMIP) lectures, and Global Medicine topics.

Supports training requests to demonstrate and describe routine MFS Branch function and how it supports the overall USAF aircrew medical evaluation mission and other topics as necessary.

Performs Aeromedical Consult Services evaluations consistent with specialty certification and makes fitness for operation and flying duty recommendations in supporting information systems.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Shall be a Physician, residency trained

  • Possess Current, Full, Unrestricted Medicine License to practice in any U.S State, Territory or Commonwealth

  • Possess current BLS and ACLS certification.

  • Flight Surgeon experience, which must be within five years of date to hire.

  • Current board certification in Aerospace Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Occupational Medicine, or Preventive Medicine is a requirement and must be maintained. (Physicians and dentist are required to maintain clinical privileges in a qualifying board specialty through performance minimum of 32 hours per year of clinical duties in that specialty at USAFSAM or 88 MDG). Active duty Flight Surgeon experience shall have included: sufficient experience in Air Force medical standards to conduct special operational evaluations, including initial certification exams for flying/special duty applicants, conduct adaptability rating assessment for military special duty applicants, and apply MSD and AFI 48-123 requirements. Operational experience should also have provided a basis for expertise in training future aerospace medicine physicians (see

  • Former Army and Navy Flight Surgeons with 10 years active duty Flight Surgeon experience, and former Air Force Flight Surgeons who have been separated or retired more than 3 years, must attend the portion of the USAF Aerospace Medicine Primary (AMP) course required for active duty flight surgeons transferring to the USAF from the other Services before they will be granted Flight Medicine privileges. (Exceptions: Air National Guard [ANG] or Air Force Reserve Command [AFRC] Flight Surgeons who are currently credentialed in Flight Medicine by the ANG or AFRC may utilize their current Flight Medicine credentials in the Flight Surgeon’s office while functioning in a civilian Flight Medicine physician role. The current ANG/AFRC flight medicine credentials must be maintained to allow continued function in the civilian Flight Surgeon physician role.).


The contractor shall be provided office space, computer, and office equipment/supplies as needed. All software and hardware, passwords/access to military Internet/E-mail and applicable database will be available within the scope of the contract. The contractor shall comply with local, USAF, and DoD policies.


Position of Trust. All contractor personnel require a minimum of a National Agency Check with written Inquires (NACI)/SF85 for any position that requires access to the internet, use of automated systems, or unescorted entry into restricted or controlled areas prior to reporting for duty in support of any task order. The investigation is not for a security clearance, but is for a position of trust. This is a mandatory requirement set forth in DoD Directive 5200.02, DoD contract without prior approval of the Government. Personnel Security Program, and DoDM 5200.02_AFMAN16-1405, DoD Personnel Security Program (PSP). All documentation required for security certification shall be the responsibility of the contractor. No foreign nationals shall be employed for any task order issued under this Operations Security (OPSEC).

The contractor shall provide OPSEC protection for all sensitive/critical information as defined by AFI 10-701 Operations Security, the 711 HPW OPSEC Plan, and critical information list. The contractor shall participate in the 711 HPW sustained OPSEC awareness training or include OPSEC training as part of their on-going security program. The 711 HPW OPSEC coordinator will evaluate the OPSEC posture of USAF contract activities and operations.

Information Security and Force Protection. The contractor shall provide Information Security and Force Protection training as defined by AFI 16-1404_AFGM 2018-01 and DoDIO-2000.16V1_AFI 10-245.O. The contractor shall participate in the 711 HPW sustained Information Security and Force Protection/Anti-terrorism training or include this training as part of their on-going security program. The 711 HPW Security Manager will evaluate the training posture of AF contract activities and operations. This requirement is set forth in AFI 16-1404_AFGM 2018-01, DoDIO-2000.16VI_AFI 10-245.O, and applicable AFMC and local supplements


The contractor shall provide monthly status reports in accordance with contractor format. The monthly report, at a minimum, shall address cost, manpower, schedule, and any open issues. Contractor’s Progress, Status, and Management Report: This report will be used to show the contractor’s progress of work and the status of the program and of the assigned task order and to inform of any existing or potential problems.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 compliance is required.


The performance of these services is NOT considered to be mission essential during time of crisis. Should a crisis be declared, the government Contracting Officer or his/her representative.

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