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Academic Advisor in support of USAFSAM

Joint Base San Antonio, TX

Argent Technologies, LLC is seeking a qualified physician to provide executive and academic support to, and coordinate with, senior Air Force leaders, DoD Global Health Engagement leadership, Office of Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (OSDHA), the Air Force Surgeon General, Major Commands (MAJCOMS), Combatant Commands (CCMDS), foreign government and military representatives, and other U.S. federal government agencies.

USAFSAM/IE DIMO Academic Advisor & Consultant Services, Joint BaseSan Antonio, TX

The 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW), headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, is the first human-centric warfare wing to consolidate human performance research, education and consultation under a single organization. Established under the Air Force Research Laboratory, the 711 HPW is comprised of the Airman Systems Directorate (RH) and the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM). The Wing delivers unparalleled capability to the Air Force through a combination of world class infrastructure and expertise of its diverse workforce of military, civilian and Contractor personnel encompassing 75 occupational specialties including science and engineering, occupational health and safety, medical professions, technicians, educators, and business operations and support.

The USAFSAM/IE, Defense Institute for Medical Operations (DIMO), mission is to achieve security cooperation through health education and training in the global environment. DIMO aims to be the premier provider of security cooperation focused health education and training that builds strong, resilient, international partnerships. DIMO’s portfolio includes both exportable courses via mobile teams as well as resident courses hosted within the United States.


The Contractor shall meet all requirements per the basic contract and provide professionally and technically qualified individual(s) to perform all tasks in the following paragraphs to fulfill the requirements of this contract.


The Contractor shall possess:

  • A Medical Degree with specialization/expertise in infectious diseases, biosecurity or biosurveillance, or global public health/tropical medicine.
  • A board certification in relevant medical specialty (such as infectious disease, internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, or emergency medicine)
  • Five (5) years of experience in education, teaching, training and curriculum development in the areas of infectious diseases, biosecurity or biosurveillance, or global public health/tropical medicine.
  • Five (5) years of experience in clinical, applied, or translational research and/or international infectious disease-related program management.
  • An active favorable T3 clearance at the time of the award.
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement in place with their company and the company must provide a copy to the Program Manager of this contract. This is necessary in order to mitigate transfer of any confidential, proprietary and/or sensitive information while in this position.


The Contractor shall:

  • Provide executive support, including using specific technical knowledge and analysis capabilities to present to, and coordinate with, senior Air Force leaders, DoD Global Health Engagement leadership, Office of Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (OSDHA), the Air Force Surgeon General, Major Commands (MAJCOMS), Combatant Commands (CCMDS), foreign government and military representatives, and other U.S. federal government agencies.
  • Provide recommendations to DIMO leadership in the development, coordination, and execution of DIMO courses.
  • Assist in the development and refining of educational/training courses relevant to Global Public Health and Global Health Security, including topics such as biosecurity and bio-surveillance, infectious disease prevention and control programs, public health/infectious diseases program management, clinical management of infectious diseases, public and national planning strategies, and research-related activities. Serve as the lead course liaison and/or course director for DIMO courses relevant to expertise.
  • Generate didactic sessions for adult learning using appropriate computer software tools and multimedia. Primary medium is PowerPoint slide presentations with complete and speaker’s notes.
  • Conduct curriculum research to ensure evidence-based advances and adult learning techniques are included in course updates.
  • Coordinate with subject matter experts and DIMO Course Directors to perform course reviews and updates. Develop, maintain and adhere to a course review calendar for courses related to subject matter expertise.
  • Serve as effective educator in the execution of international and domestic education and training endeavors (in-resident and mobile training missions) and for developing and mentoring DIMO instructors.
  • Perform high quality research in alignment with Air Force/DIMO objectives.
  • Maintain clinical credentials, preferably in a DoD Medical Treatment Facility (MTF), in order to maintain clinical relevancy and professional credibility.
  • Maintain the academic partnership between DIMO and the Uniformed Services University (USUHS) in Global Health and in the education/involvement of USU students and faculty.
  • Travel as team lead or team member for select Mobile Training Team missions



The Contractor shall be provided office/laboratory space, furniture and equipment, routine office/laboratory supplies, computer hardware and software necessary to perform tasks described in this performance work statement. The government will also provide telephone service and access to a fax machine and a copier as required. All software and hardware, passwords/access to military Internet/E-mail and applicable database will be available within the scope of the contract. The Contractor shall comply with local, AF and DoD policies.


Work will be accomplished at Joint Base San Antonio, TX. Temporary alternate work locations may be assigned as circumstances dictate by the Contracting Officer Representative.

Work schedule is normally M-F 0730-1630; however there may be times when it is necessary for the Contractor to work after duty hours in support of specific tasks. Although schedule may have to be flexible, it will not exceed 40 hours per week.

The requirements in this section of the PWS are non-personal services.  The requirements herein are the responsibility of the Contractor. The Government has the right to reject the finished product or result in the event Contractor performance does not meet the acceptable quality level listed in the PWS. Additionally, the Contractor shall manage its employees and guard against any actions that are of the nature of personal services or give the perception of personal services. If the Contractor believes that any actions constitute or are perceived to constitute personal services, or are outside the scope of this effort, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Office (CO) immediately.


No travel is anticipated for this effort. However, if travel is needed in support of this effort, the requirement will be incorporated via a separate bilateral modification.


Individual SECRET Clearances IAW DD254. The Contractor shall obtain a U.S. security clearance at the minimum level of "Secret" for all Contractor personnel required to have access to classified information or require IT-II level access. Onsite Contractor personnel should have an active clearance prior to reporting for duty in support of this contract. Interim clearances for newly hired personnel shall be processed as expeditiously as possible since some Contractor personnel will be required to utilize the SIPRNET and process classified materials; however this will be on a case-by-case basis. Such clearance must be obtained through the Defense Investigative Services.

The Contractor shall provide OPSEC protection for all sensitive/critical information and indicators involved in execution of this contract, as defined by AFI 10-701 (Operations Security). 711 HPW Critical Information and Indicators are protected under the 711 HPW Operations Security Program and the 711 HPW Critical Information and Indicators List (CIIL). Contractor employees granted access to critical information and indicators shall be provided initial OPSEC training by the 711 HPW OPSEC Coordinator upon in-processing and prior to being granted access to CIIL items related to the contract. The Contractor shall also participate in 711 HPW’s annual OPSEC training and education programs, which includes periodic updates and refresher training on CIIL items applicable to the contract. The 711 HPW OPSEC coordinator shall evaluate the OPSEC posture of AF contract activities and operations.

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