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General Practitioner - Federal Bureau of Prisons

McCreary United States Penitenary, Pine Knot, KY

The physician will provide on-site services in the Health Services Department for the inmate population incarcerated at McCreary United States Penitentiary (USP), 330 Federal Way, Pine Knot, Kentucky.

Supplies: All supplies that the services employee may routinely use to fulfill the requirements of the BPA will be provided by USP McCreary.

Schedule: The Contractor shall provide on-site clinics at institution during regular weekday clinic hours (Monday – Friday; 7:00 – 3:30). Scheduling of inmates for on-site clinics shall be performed by the institution. Frequency of services shall be rendered as patient needs dictate. Due to the nature of the correctional setting, delays in performance of work may be expected. Such delays may include but are not limited to inclement weather, electrical or mechanical problems, or other security matters. Every effort will be made to notify the contractor in advance of such delays. The contract shall not supervise inmates of BOP staff, participate in inmate accountability, purchase supplies or equipment, sign for or pick up supplies or equipment, formulate policies or procedures, attend meetings, staff recalls, or staff functions.

Scope of Work: The contractor shall provide, on a non-discriminatory basis the following services: Provide specialized medical services to outpatients and provide medical care. Specific duties may involve all aspects of health care delivery, and will work in concert with both institution staff and consultant specialists in various clinical areas. Performs all duties in accordance with current accepted medical practices and procedures. Performs complete physical examinations. Collects comprehensive medical and social history to include a review of all body systems.

Performs physical assessment in correlation with historical findings, records preliminary objective findings. Examines and orders appropriate diagnostic testing and provides necessary treatment and/or medications as required. Refers selected cases to consultant specialists when necessary. Refers inmates requiring hospitalization to a community hospital and to an appropriate admitting physician. Additionally, the clinician may see inmate patients who are in locked status, in their designated housing area or housed in segregation units.

Conducts examinations of personnel as required for appointment. Approves or disapproves examinations in such cases from a medical viewpoint and in accordance with current established medical standards for employees. Administers or directs administration of both curative and preventative inoculations. Prescribes medications, treatments, and fully utilizes health services for treatment, rehabilitative, and diagnostic modalities. Physician will assist with CPR, utilize AED, and other basic first aid skills within the scope of their practice during emergencies until the arrival of EMS crew. Ensures that proper evaluations and treatments are carried out and documented. Incumbent shall constantly monitor and evaluate the quality of patient care, providing data to the institution Quality Assurance Committee, and other agencies or committees as required.

Minimum Qualifications: The candidate must submit a resume, photocopies of documents evidencing education, license, certifications and training.

Physicians must possess:

  • Graduated from an American Medical Association approved school of medicine with a doctor’s degree in medicine.

  • At least one year of work experience related to duties of a physician.

  • License:  Current, active, unrestricted medical license to practice

  • Current Board Certification or Board Eligible

  • Current BLS for Healthcare Providers

  • Provide photocopies of documents evidencing education, license, Board Certification and training.

  • A working knowledge of policy, procedures, and standards as described by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

  • Ability to complete favorable Drug Screening, Credentialing and Law Enforcement Background Check

Health Requirements: Provide evidence that physician is free of communicable diseases & recent testing for tuberculosis

Quality of Patient Care/Non-Discrimination:

The professional service providers will provide:

  • Bureau patients under the terms of this BPA the same or equal services to those provided to non-Bureau patients. Professional service providers shall be provided within accepted professional standards.

  • The contractor agrees to make no distinction among patients under this BPA on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, or physical condition. For this BPA, distinctions on the grounds of race, color, creed, national origin, or physical condition include but are not limited to the following: denying any service or benefit; providing any service or benefit to a patient which is different; or if provided in a different manner or at a different time from that provided to other patients under this BPA; subjecting a patient to segregation or separate treatment in any manner related to his receipt of any service; restricting a patient in any way in the enjoyment of an advantage or privilege enjoyed by others in determining whether he satisfies any admission, enrollment quota, eligibility, membership or other requirement or condition which an individual must meet in order to be provided any service or benefit; the assignment of time or places for the provision of services on the basis of race, color, creed, or national origin of the patients served.

Third Party Liability: Public Law 87-693 (42 U.S.C. 2651) provides that the United States shall be entitled to recover the reasonable value of hospital and medical care and treatment furnished or to be furnished to a person who suffers any injury or disease under circumstances indicating the potential legal liability of another person. This other person is commonly referred to as the "third party" since his/her negligent act or failure to act caused an injury or disease to the "first party" requiring medical treatment by or at the expense of the United States, the "second party".

Medical Malpractice: Except as provided elsewhere in this contract, the contractor shall provide and maintain medical malpractice and such other insurance during the period of this contract. Refer to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.237-7, Indemnification and Medical Liability Insurance.

If the contractor or physician who is providing services under this contract has pending litigation or administrative proceedings that may affect his/her license to practice medicine or standing as a fellow member in a professional organization, full disclosure shall be provided to the CM/COTR and CO within five calendar days upon official notification.

If it is determined by the medical legal review that the standard of care has not been met or there is substantial evidence of negligence on the part of the Contractor or contract employee, regardless of the final judicial decision, the physician may lose his/her privileges to practice at the BOP.

Security and Investigative Requirements: The employees of the contractor entering the institution may be required to meet certain security requirements prior to entering the institution. Primary concerns are the amount of contact that may occur between the contractor and his/her employees with the inmate population during the performance of the BPA.

Contract employees are allowed access to the institution at the sole discretion of the CEO of the institution.

DOJ 52.27-103-72 DOJ Contractor Residency Requirement Bureau of Prisons (Jun 2004)

For three of the five years immediately prior to submission of an offer/bid/quote, or prior to performance under a contract or commitment, individuals or contractor employees providing services must have:

  1. Legally resided in the United States (U.S.);

  2. Worked for the U.S. overseas in a Federal or military capacity; or

  3. Been a dependent of a Federal or military employee serving overseas.

If the individual is not a U.S. citizen, they must be from a country allied with the U.S. The following website provides current information regarding allied countries: http://www.opm.gov/employ/html/citizen.htm

Continuing Contract Performance During A Pandemic Influenza Or National Emergency (May 2008)

During a Pandemic or other emergency, we understand that our contractor workforce will experience the same high levels of absenteeism as our federal employees. Although the Excusable Delays and Termination for Default clauses used in government contracts list epidemics and quarantine restrictions among the reasons to excuse delays in contract performance, we expect our contractors to make a reasonable effort to keep performance at an acceptable level during emergency periods.

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