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Physician - Flight Surgeon - US Air Force

23d Medical Group, Moody Air Force Base, GA

Period of Performance: 15 SEPT 2020 - 15 SEPT 2021

Option Years: 6 MONTHS

Contract Hours: 1864 PER CONTRACT YEAR

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, Flexible hours, 0700-1800, 8 hours per day not to exceed 40 hours per week. Variations and lunch hour will be coordinated with the duty section.

Duty Hours: Monday-Friday, Flexible hours, 0700-1800, 8 hours per day not to exceed 40 hours per week. Variations and lunch hour will be coordinated with the duty section

On-Call Hours: N/A
Overage Hours: N/A
Call-Back Hours: N/A

Recognized Holidays: Contract HCWs ☐will ☒ will not be required to work on federally recognized holidays.
Hours of Operation/Federal Holidays: The Contractor must provide services Monday through Friday, flexible hours, 0700 to 1800, not to exceed 40 hours per week, excluding Federal holidays. For planned closures, the 23 MDG Contracting Officer Representative (COR) will notify the contractor prior to the closure.

Recording HCW Time: HCWs will be required to personally record hours worked in the Defense Medical Human Resources System – internet (DMHRSi) system as required by the MTF.

Closures: During a planned closure of the facility due to training, holiday or unplanned closure due to unusual and compelling circumstances (e.g., natural disasters, military emergencies, severe weather), the Contractor will be compensated only for the actual hours the HCW provided services

Unplanned Closures: Other than the federal holidays listed, the following are considered training days or days where the HCW will not be required to work on this TO:

In the event of an unplanned closure for an extended period of time due to extenuating circumstances, the Contracting Officer will make a determination on a case by case basis on whether or not the contractor will be allowed to bill for services during that closure.

Mission Essential: N/A

Contractor Travel: N/A

Note: For travel outside of the 40-mile radius, the travel shall not be conducted prior to the appropriate funding being obligated.

Relocation Costs: N/A

Orientation: Orientation will be paid

HCW Qualifications:

  • Degree/Education: The HCW needs to have completed one of the following educational opportunities: 1) completion of the USAF Aerospace Primary Medicine courses or 2) an equivalent flight medicine training course through one of the other military services or 3) an equivalent civilian flight medicine training course that has been vetted by the Moody Chief of Aerospace Medicine.

  • Experience: HCWs will have 36 months of experience within the last 60 months in flight medicine. The applicant must have a minimum of 35 hours of direct patient care in the past year.

  • Board Certification: Current board certification in Aerospace Medicine is highly recommended. If not board certified in Aerospace Medicine, then must show proof of completion of any medical residency program and must have a minimum of 3 years of U.S. military Flight Surgeon experience.

  • Licensure/Registration: Possess current, active, unrestricted medical license to practice medicine

  • DEA: Possess current/active DEA registration

  • Life Support: Possess current BLS and ACLS. American Red Cross BLS/CPR for Healthcare Providers Course or American Heart Association for Healthcare Providers or Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Course, ACLS Certification required, PALS recommended, but not required.

  • Ability to complete favorable credentialing, background check and government security

  • Clinical Competency: Each HCW requesting clinical privileges shall be required to demonstrate clinical competency within the past two years in the Flight Medicine

HCW Duties The duties for the HCW are as follows:

Apply U.S. military medical standards to conduct special operational evaluations, including (but not limited to) Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) for flyers/aircrew members/special duty personnel, initial certification exams for flying/special duty applicants.

Adjudicate Aeromedical disposition for flying/special operational duty. The term “aeromedical disposition” includes drafting and reviewing aeromedical waivers, approving Duties Not to Include Flying/Controlling/Jumping (DNIF/DNIC/DNIJ), and return-to-fly documentation on the 2292 form.

Conduct adaptability rating assessment for military special duty applicants.

Applying medical, fitness and profiling standards IAW AFIs 48-123, 36-2905 and 10-203 (including profiling and duty restrictions as Profile Officer).

Review, interpret, and act upon medical surveillance data relating to the Occupational Health program.

Attend and participate in patient care reports, review meetings, patient care conferences, team conferences, professional staff conferences and other appropriate professional activities only to the extent that such attendance and participation is relative to assigned cases and/or performance of services.

Participate in meetings to evaluate the fitness for duty and aeromedical status of enrollees of the Flight Medicine Clinic or other occupationally relevant populations. Meetings could include Flight and Operational Health Working Group (FOMWG), Deployment Availability Working Group (DAWG), Aeromedical Council Meeting (AMC), Occupation and Environmental Health Working Group (OEHWG) and others as recommended by the Chief of Aerospace Medicine (SGP).

Evaluate service members for fitness for duty in regards to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) clearances, cross training and other medical clearances as assigned by the Base Operational Medicine Cell (BOMC)

Participate in the Medical Evaluation Board process through discussing cases, writing narrative summaries, updates, Review-In-Lieu Of (RILO) documentation and amendments based on VA examination results.

Respond to HAZMAT or in-flight emergencies

Computer Skill Competency: Each HCW shall demonstrate competency as required in the contract and as follows:

Shall have experience with Microsoft Office. Must have 12 months of direct hands on experience in the last 24 months with computer operations, basic word processing, data entry, and use of an automated medical record systems.

MTF Training: Additional training requirements are as follows:

MTF training currently includes computer-based trainings as required by the Department of Defense, Air Force, or the Medical Group, on-line Relias health training, newcomer's orientation, trusted care training and other job specific trainings which could include simulations and other hands on training opportunities/assessments. HCWs will accomplish training, provided by the MDG.

MTF Standards: Specific policies, procedures, and instructions/regulations for the place of performance are as follows:

HCWs will maintain good personal hygiene and a well-groomed, professional appearance. Dress attire will be business casual or set by the duty section. HCWs shall wear identifying badges (e.g., MTF-issued identification badge and/or contractor badge) above the waistline during duty hours.

HCW Health Requirements: The Contractor shall provide documentation certifying health requirements such as immunizations, annual vaccinations, medical testing (i.e., tuberculosis, N95 particulate respirator duckbill mask fitting) and physical examination when required at the time of initial placement. Physical Examination is not required.

Tuberculosis Screening: The additional immunization/screening requirements for the risk of exposure to tuberculosis (TB) are as follows: A 2 Step TST is required.

Competency-Based HCW Interviews: Prior to HCW placement, the Government will contact the HCW to determine if the HCW meets the requirements set in the contract and/or task order. Contractor must provide at least 2 professional references that may be contacted.

Security Investigative Requirements: The estimated average time, in days, it takes to complete a security investigative package on this TO is:15 days

The Contractor shall ensure HCWs comply with the following security requirements not already identified in the contract PWS:

HCWs shall be subject to the following additional security investigative processes, to include appointments with Security Managers:

The security appointment will be scheduled on the first day of work. The COR will be the point of contact for security.

HCWs shall be subject to the following security processes for fingerprints: Fingerprint appointments may be scheduled prior to start of work. The government may request a replacement candidate if fingerprint results indicate a record.

The HCW shall complete an SF-85 Questionnaire for National Security Positions (or equivalent OPM investigative product) HCW shall complete an OF306 and Eqip Shell Form and will be sent to the Contracting Officer Representative NLT 15 days prior to start. OF306 shall be typed and HCW shall sign the form. The HCW will not begin performance until the required security forms and electronic eqip questionnaire are completed. Hard copy forms will only be required if the eqip system is down. Copies of the blank forms shall be sent to the contract company when candidate has been accepted by the 23 MDG.

Schedule Management: When directed by the Government, the HCW shall remain on duty to complete patient treatment where lack of continuity of care would otherwise jeopardize patient health. This provision is not intended to apply to the time required to complete routine tasks (e.g., completion of paperwork or routine administrative tasks at the end of a shift) which are to be completed as part of the normal work schedule.

Billing for Services: The Contractor will only be paid for the actual hours the HCW provides services with the following exception for personal services HCW In the event of an unplanned closure for an extended period of time due to extenuating circumstances, the Contracting Officer will make a determination on a case by case basis on whether or not the contractor will be allowed to bill for services during that closure.

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