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Working together for a better world: Argent Technologies, LLC and

In 2016, Argent Technologies, LLC increased it's contributions to microloans by 600%. Some ways in which AT has helped make a difference include 14 loans in 8 countries.

Argent Technologies, LLC impact stats for 2016 include:

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Argent Technologies sponsors approximately 10 groups through Here are some of their stories:

  Update from Guatemala

This update on Argent Technologies' loan to Las Solidarias Group was written by Kiva's Field Partner.

The "Microcredit Plus" Program (loans + education) is of great benefit to almost 30,000 Maya women in Guatemala. Non-formal educational trainings are the backbone of the program & are delivered at the monthly meetings by a Facilitator who speaks the Maya language of the ladies. These sessions cover all kinds of relevant topics like health, hygiene, women's rights, sexual & reproductive health, as well as creating a budget & prioritizing savings.

The Trust Bank "Las Solidarias" is located in the high mountains of Santa Cruz El Quiché. The 10 women in the group are in their 1st loan cycle with KIVA. Their businesses range from the sale of various foods (chicken meat by the pound, sausages, frozen fruit confections), animal husbandry, & convenience stores. Santos is a member of the group, who is 47 years old with no formal education. She has a mobile food cart & sells "granizadas" or icy fruit confections, as well as chocolate covered fruits. Last December, she received a loan to buy 3 freezers & a machine to make her "granizadas". She is optimistic, energetic & determined to continue to invest in the education of her three children who are in elementary school & high school.

The success of Santos & the women in the Trust Bank would not be possible without the kindness & generosity of people like KIVA investors. thanks its contributors for "believing that these ladies can create their own pathways out of poverty!"

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