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Seeds of Hope: The Hope Of A Brighter Future

Argent Technologies contributes to Seeds of Hope. Here's how we've helped in 2017:

  AT donations for 2017 totaled: $2400

Here's just a little sampling of what our contributions were a part of...

Over 1000 certificates given for completing 10 week courses in:

Bible Basic Social Skills
English Community Leadership
Music Tourism
Dance Computers
Spiritual Foundations Sewing
Communication and Boundaries Cooking
Captivating book summary & discussion, for girls Crafts for sale
Wild at Heart book summary & discussion, for boys Bicycle Repair
Battlefield of the Mind for Teens, w/memory verses & discussion Mechanics
Substance Abuse & STDs Agriculture
Moral Revolution book study & discussion Leadership skills
Trata & Traffico Hairstyling
What is Sexual Exploitation  

Many Moms were empowered, loved, and trained through classes & workshops.

18 families in great need were given weekly groceries in exchange for making jewelry.

20 Students were given school uniforms & school supplies which cost $200 and are required to attend public schools.

Weekly counseling sessions were provided by our psychologist for families in crisis.

Leaders were trained to become the directors of future clubhouses.

100 Little kids were taught in a separate program, preparing them for our Clubhouse in a Box program for teens.

20 Directors and teachers at five clubhouses showed their students the unconditional love of God and walked with them in living out His purpose for their lives.

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Working together for a better world: Argent Technologies, LLC and Seeds of Hope

Argent Technologies contributes to Seeds of Hope. Here are some of their stories:

  Update from Costa Rica

In October 2016, Seeds of Hope hosted an event for 770 Costa Rican teens to educate them on the sexual exploitation of children in Costa Rica. Seeds of Hope presents this material at high schools and clubhouses throughout Costa Rica on a monthly basis. This monthly event is sponsored by the government committee Seeds of Hope partners with on their campaign to "Break the Chain" of sexual exploitation of minors in Costa Rica. During these events, the students learn how to recognize and avoid exploitation, and who to call or talk to get counsel and help.

The October assembly included a famous Tico singer as the MC, a performance by an expert BMX bike rider, some great speakers, and two dramas presented by teen leaders and staff of Seeds of Hope.

"This event went just great in every way," says Sara Ara from Seeds of Hope. "I hope the photos give you some idea of the program and what we do as staff and teachers at Seeds of Hope."

The monthly events last from 8 am to noon. "Very exciting but also exhausting — then we take off to 4 different clubhouses to teach our after-school classes from 5 to 8 pm!" Ara adds.

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