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Unmanned Aerial Systems

The Super TwinTOL Gryphon UAS designed for commercial use by Prescott products in conjunction with Argent Technologies, LLC

Patented, proprietary materials and processes

  • Design, build and operate
  • Business Use Modeling
    • Commercial use*
    • Military
    • Law enforcement
    • Flight Training and Sensor Operator Training
    • UAS Maintenance Training
    • UAS Continuing Logistics Support

Argent Technologies is experienced in research and development, production and operation of military and commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems. We have developed a number of UAS on contract with the US government and have a proprietary design featuring open payload architecture housing most COTS sensors. The open architecture payload bay supports most commercial (and military) applications. Our Prescott Gryphon system is pre-flight programmable, in-flight reprogrammable, featuring beyond line of sight control, passive sense and avoid technology, and an on board auto precision land capability facilitating operations out of remote and unprepared sites.

Tern P mid-size UAS designed for Navy R&D program

Wing in Ground Effect and Hovering UAS designed for DARPA by Precott Products, an Argent Technolgies partner

Our manned optional vehicles have been flight tested and support a number of USG contracts to include advanced weather sensors and data collection. Our systems allow for manned operation in controlled airspace during in-transit operations and unmanned operation in restricted airspace or remote areas. This system coupled with the Prescott Gryphon allows us to meet nearly all customers' needs across a broad spectrum of operations and training to include UAS pilot training, sensor operation and UAS sensor and platform maintenance training programs.

(Left & Right) Prescott Pusher manned/unmanned aircraft designed for TAMDAR weather sensor Pod, facilitates navigation/operation in the National Airpsace without restriction but can remain on station for hours using ground controlled signals. Ideal for USAF UAS & CSO training courses. (Center) The PP Glass cockpit, a General Aviation version of the Prescott Pusher, with design input, market research and business development by Argent Technologies.

Engineering Diagrams for the Prescott Gryphon UAS, a managed surveillance service operated by Argent Technologies, LLC.

*See Schaefer, Embry-Riddle conference on the Commercialization of UAS